Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tucker gets an A+

Let me start off by saying I HATE dropping Tucker off at the kennel. I'm sure he has a great time playing with the other dogs, but I always feel guilty.

However, it's always nice to take a weekend trip without him tagging along. We love bringing him with us, but he always adds a bit of a challenge.

Tonight, we cut it a little close for pick up. His kennel closes at 6, and we left Rainier a little later than expected. The whole ride I was watching the GPS tell me our "expected arrival". Suzie said our arrival time was 5:45. Yes, our GPS has a name. She also has a nice British accent. Every time we gained an extra minute, I'd glare at the car in front of us for dragging us down. I'd do a little cheer when we would lose a minute.

As long as we didn't come across any traffic issues, we were in the clear. We got into Portland, and there was a traffic sign saying "Accident Ahead. Left lane closed." NO! So, we sat in traffic, waiting for the accident to clear. I'll save you the suspense. We got there with 10 minutes to spare (but I probably gained a few gray hairs--I know, I'm pathetic). Tucker of course had a great time, and was excited to see us. It's always fun getting his report card from the weekend.
An added bonus of the kennel is that he ALWAYS crashes minutes after we get home!

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