Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Breakfast in Billings

I LOVE complimentary breakfast, don't you? As I type I am enjoying breakfast in bed, while watching the Today Show. Life is good.

Yesterday our goal was to make it to Billings, MT, but with Tucker along we really had no idea where we would end up for the night. I hope I don't jinx ourselves for today, but Tucker was AWESOME in the car yesterday. He slept most of the 12 hours, and didn't make a peep! Unfortunately, all that sleep meant that he didn't really want to go to sleep once we got to the hotel around 11:30 pm.

So, 850 miles down. 1000 to go! I have some pictures of our drive to post, but that will have to wait. Tucker is sleeping after our walk on this early morning. I'm going to catch a quick nap before we hit the road again!

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