Friday, September 17, 2010


You know it's been too long since the last post when you can't remember the password to log in. It's just been pretty uneventful now that we are back home. We're no longer an hour away from the ocean or an hour away from the mountains. So really, what is there to blog about??

Andrew is busy at school finishing up his doctorate and I am busy searching for a job. I'm having a hard time finding something temporary that I would actually enjoy. (If you haven't heard yet, we are moving to Arizona in the spring). In other news, I am happy to report that Tucker has chilled out a bit. I still would love to get my hands on some puppy prozac though.

I know the blog has been a total disappointment this month, but keep checking back! October should be more exciting! I promise pictures of a fall wedding, apple orchards, a trip to the cabin, and a sailing excursion. This is my favorite time of the year!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Squirrel anxiety

I want to go back to Oregon. For a few reasons, but most importantly because there are NO SQUIRRELS. Well, there are some squirrels, but we would go days without seeing them. As a result I had a calm, anxiety-free dog, who I miss. So many times over the summer we talked about how Tucker was mellowing out. Well, since we've been back he's regressed a bit. The first walk we took was like going back to square one. After TWO YEARS of working on his walking, he was finally showing progress this summer. Now we are back in squirrel heaven, and he's apparently forgotten everything. Every time he lunges forward or pulls on a walk I make him sit down. He knows we don't start walking again until he looks at me, which he usually is pretty good at doing. We "walked" for an hour, but mostly I think we were sitting. One time we sat for five whole minutes because he wouldn't look at me. He'd look everywhere except me, including looking right at Andrew. I'm sure he was trying to say "can't you get this lady to chill out". As I am writing this he's looking out the window and trembling. I'm hoping it's just excitement over being back. Otherwise, I'm demanding that he be put on prozac.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

There's no place like home.

Despite the humidity and the mosquito problem, we are happy to be home. I got more bites during the 10 minutes it took to unload the car than I did all summer in Oregon.

The drive home actually went pretty fast. We got a few audio books this time, and it really helped! Once again, Tucker did really well the whole drive. We didn't hear a peep out of him until we pulled onto our street. I guess he remembered he had to be on squirrel duty. Unfortunately the squirrels didn't move out of the neighborhood while we were gone.


How much longer?

Lunch at a rest stop. All we have eaten in the past three days is continental breakfast, bread and hummus, fruit, carrots, and fruit snacks. Have I mentioned I'm happy to be out of the car?

Getting closer!

Unfortunately we came home to a mess. All new windows and a new kitchen ceiling were put in our townhouse while we were gone this summer. Dust is everywhere! So I am going to spend the next few days cleaning. :)