Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Ocean

Yesterday we took a day trip to the ocean. Yes. I said day trip. I'm loving the fact that we can get to the ocean in 1 hour. It takes even less to get to the mountains. We were told at a garage sale today that we'll probably never want to go home. I'm starting to believe that! :)

I know all two of you who read this (hi mom and aunt Barb!) probably enjoy pictures more than my rambling, so enjoy a few of my favorites. I took 142!

We stopped at a lot of different little coast towns, but Seaside and Cannon Beach were my favorite. Both reminded me of Door County.

Overlooking Cannon Beach.

Tucker's best trick: walking like a human.

Still going!

THIS is what he was so excited to walk over and see!

Enjoying the view.

After a long day exploring the beach, we stopped at a pizza place for supper and then headed home. By that time, Tucker was more than ready to go to bed!


  1. So.. . . . you think you know your Mom and your Aunt Barb!! (you're pretty smart!!)

    Nothing sweeter than a tired Whippet!!

  2. all three of you look so happy! Glad you made it and are enjoying life to the fullest!

  3. these are some great pictures!

  4. Any one of these photos could be a Christmas card!