Friday, July 15, 2011

Undesirable Number One

I always assumed that in Tucker's mind squirrels were Undesirable Number One (I have Harry Potter on the brain). Before we moved down here I dreamed of the happy, mellow, and calm dog we would have once we moved to Arizona. The good news is that we haven't seen a squirrel since we left Minnesota. The bad news? Squirrels were not even close to being number one on his list of rivals. Want to know what ranks #1 on his list on undesirables? It's the cat. Unfortunately, our neighborhood is home to a handful of strays who love messing with him. Cat has become the "c word" in our house. If Tucker hears the word he's off to check the backyard. And if by chance there IS a cat in the backyard? Oh goodness. Shit hits the fan. I can't really blame Tucker for wanting them gone. They are mangy, gross, and EVERYWHERE.
We tried a homemade cayenne pepper solution, but that didn't seem to keep them away. I'm on the search for a cat repellant that is safe to use around dogs.


They LOVE sleeping on the roof.

Poor dog has some serious high prey drive going on in his brain. The other day he fell in the pool while chasing one away.

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