Monday, June 7, 2010

The results are in!!

When Andrew and I adopted Tucker we assumed we had some sort of a lab mix, even though he doesn't really have the behavioral traits of a lab. He doesn't retrieve. He doesn't like water. And to be honest he's not all that loyal. But look at him!

We speculated that he could be part whippet, vizsla, or maybe some Italian greyhound. We always talked about getting his DNA tested (yes, we are THOSE people that treat the dog as a child). We took him to the vet right after we got to Oregon, and the results are finally here!

Tucker is....

Brittany, Boxer, and Samoyed mix???!? Can it really be true?

(Thanks Scott!)

After reading about each breed, it's beginning to make a little sense. Brittanys are happy, sweet natured, intelligent, and ENERGETIC dogs. That all sounds familiar. Boxers were bred to be hunting dogs (this explains a lot) and apparently they earned their name from the "boxing" pose they make when standing on their hind legs. That would help explain this:

(Yes, he has played Rock Band. No, he is not very good.)

I'm not really sure about the Samoyed. It appears the only characteristic he took from this breed is his desire to pull.

So there you have it!

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