Saturday, June 12, 2010


I've never been very interested in soccer. Even when I lived in Italy I didn't get into it. And really, is there a better place to enjoy the sport? Everywhere you look people are playing. I would often watch my students play after school, but I never got into the Italian league, much to the dismay of my Inter-loving friends. It just seemed boring.

That was until I married a soccer player. Andrew has been excited about the World Cup, and today I got to join in on the fun. And it actually was kinda fun! Now that I know the rules (sorta) and some of the players it's much more enjoyable. We watched the game this afternoon at McMenamins, one of the many brewpubs in Portland. Inside the pub they have a theater, and during the World Cup they are broadcasting the games on the movie screen. So we headed to Portland for some soccer fun. Go team USA!

We ended the day with a bike ride, and some well deserved Jamba Juice. Then walked up to Whole Foods for dinner. I love walking there to get a treat for breakfast, or some soup or pizza for dinner. They have a great little outdoor bistro, so Tucker gets to join us too. Yum.

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  1. and by get to know some of the players, she means gawking at Landon Donovan!