Tuesday, June 15, 2010

One month

It's hard to believe that we have been here for a month already. Oregon is growing on us! In fact, I just bought my first pair of Chacos, so I think I can officially call myself an Oregonian now. Andrew is enjoying his job and his coworkers. Maybe you'll see a guest post from him soon. Tucker and I have been enjoying our days. Although Tucker enjoys playing with toys, napping, and walking during the day, his favorite time of the day is 5:00. It's dinner time for him, but more importantly he knows that Andrew will be walking in the door soon. His internal clock always amazes me. He could be fast asleep on the couch, but as soon as 5 o'clock rolls around he's looking out the patio door for Andrew. It's very sweet.

During the day Tucker and I have been going on a lot of walks, taking naps (Tucker), going running (me), and getting in a lot of reading. Okay, I have been known to indulge in a nap every so often. Although Tucker loves the attention of having me home all day, I'm seriously cutting into his naptime routine. I have been searching for somewhere to volunteer a few hours of week, and I am pretty sure that will be good for both of us.

Before coming to Oregon I decided that I wanted to spend part of my time this summer training for a race. I am really lucky to have three months off, so this seems to be the perfect time to do it. For the past month I've been training for a duathlon in July. It's a sprint duathlon, so it's 5k run, 20k bike, 5krun. Training is going fine. I've been averaging 30 miles of running during the week, but haven't gotten in much biking yet. It has been surprisingly hard me for to transition from the treadmill to running outside. I've never liked treadmills. However, I like running in the rain even less, so I started using the treadmill when we got here. Strangely, I've sort of enjoyed it. I've read that the course is very hilly, so I need to start getting outside and doing some hills. The race is July 31, which also happens to be the week my parents are out visiting!

We have some fun trips coming up, so expect more picture posts soon. The best posts are loaded with pictures, right? I just booked our trip to the San Juan Islands for July 4. I can't wait!

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  1. Your parents are very excited to be visiting Portland the week you will be competing in the duathlon!!!