Monday, June 27, 2011

Home sweet home

We are slowly getting settled into our place and have even had our first guest. (Note: Guest bedroom is ready for YOU!) It's been fun exploring our new neighborhood. Somehow it still feels like we are one some sort of a vacation. Both Andrew and I have caught ourselves saying "back home in Minnesota..." or "when we go home..." on numerous occasions. I'm sure in time Chandler will feel more like home.

So far, the heat really hasn't been an issue. Sure, it's toasty and almost unbearable when you're in the sun, but the dryness really helps. Shade, water, and sunglasses are all essential. I won't go as far as to say 115° is pleasant, but it really isn't all that bad. Ask me again in October when the midwest is enjoying beautiful fall weather, and we are still seeing triple digits. The pool has also provided some relief. Tucker LOVES laying out by the pool. He is curious about the water, but has yet to go in. On a side note, we are LOVING life with a fully enclosed fence. It's heaven. The last week in pictures:

Lounging poolside

He really does live a rough life

Exploring the bark park down the street

It's really no surprise that Andrew is enjoying the fun agility course more than Tucker.

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  1. oh how I wish I were Tucker right now... It's also ok to call a place where you don't live (anymore) your home. I do that too! ;)

    Love from Germany where it's too cold for summer. Send some heat this way!