Sunday, March 20, 2011

Welcome back birdies

It's been a whole month since my last post...whoops! In my defense, it was February and I was in hibernation mode. If I had it my way, on the first day of February I would nestle into my cozy couch and not come out until I hear the robins chirping. Well people, the robins are back. Apparently they haven't heard the forecast. Snow showers are expected on Wednesday. Ugh. I don't blame them for ignoring the nasty news. I'm in denial too.

Truth be told, we haven't actually been hibernating. It's been a busy household these past few months, hence no action on the blog. Andrew is working on his dissertation and will have this whole Ph.D thing wrapped up in a few months. I have been busy finishing my master's degree this semester. We are both looking forward to being done in May. Plus we are trying to plan a move across the country, so our plates are full.

Spring fever is in full force in Minnesota. We've had a few BEAUTIFUL, sunny days nearing 50 degrees. Those spring days always remind me why we suffer through 3 months of winter. Tucker and I have taken advantage of the warmer weather and have spent the last few days outside on the front porch. Don't get me wrong. I was still wearing a winter coat and Tucker was shivering, but we didn't mind. We were happy to be soaking up some much needed vitamin D. Either that or we are just plain desperate.

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