Monday, January 31, 2011

It's going to be a super Super Bowl!

I just dropped Andrew off at the airport, and he is on his way to the SUPER BOWL! It's not just any Super Bowl though. He is living out a dream of seeing the PACKERS play in the SUPER BOWL. I'm couldn't be more excited for him! (And totally jealous I might add). His friend Matt (who happens to live in Dallas) called yesterday at 4:30pm and asked if he wanted to go to the game. Yes, the game that was just over 24 hours from kick off. It's not just any 'ol game though. As you know, the PACKERS are in the SUPER BOWL. We're a bit excited around here. But, I'm pretty sure we're the only ones excited about the game around here. "Minnesota nice" does not seem to apply to football. They are a bit bitter when it comes to the green and gold. I digress. I should mention that Andrew did not have to sell his right arm to get into the game. Matt's dad was given four (FREE) tickets to the game, and Matt graciously thought of Andrew. So, we scoured the internet for flights to Dallas and right now he's on a plane headed for the SUPER BOWL. Don't worry. He is under strict orders to take plenty of pictures. So stay tuned, and enjoy the game! GO PACK.


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