Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Rumble and ramble
In blackberry bramble
Billions of berries
For blackberry jam!

Jamming in Berryland.

Blackberries will forever remind me of the days of reading Jamberry! to the wee ones over and over and OVER again!

Our backyard is overgrowing with blackberry bushes.

It's such a problem, I know. On my walk with Tucker yesterday I brought buckets along, and we ended up picking 4 cups of berries.

I say "we" because Tucker was helping.

Looking for the ripe berries.

When we got home I decided to make blackberry jam. I'm kind of a jam snob. I ONLY eat raspberry jam, and actually there are only a few brands that live up to my standards. But Andrew prefers blackberry jam, so I decided to give it a try. Well, let me tell you, this might be the best jam I've ever tasted! It ended up making way more than I expected. My only option was to make a tasty treat out of the jam! So, blackberry oatmeal bars for dessert tonight!

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