Sunday, April 18, 2010

Counting down to Oregon

24 days! In case you are counting.

You might be thinking...well Megan, you left your job. So, what exactly do you plan on doing this summer while Andrew brings home the bacon? Here is your answer!

Things I am looking forward to in Oregon:

1. Exploring the Pacific Northwest (Seattle, San Juan Islands, Vancouver, Victoria, Portland, Redwood Forest, Mt. Hood, Mt. Rainer, etc.)

2. Being one hour from the ocean!

3. Teaching Tucker how to walk without pulling. (I don't know...this may just be wishful thinking)

4. Taking a photography class (We just bought a new SLR camera!)

5. Taking cooking classes from Whole Foods. (No wife should be making peanut butter and jelly when there are yet to be children in the house).

6. BIKE!

7. Entertain our families when they come visit.

8. I will be putting down the children's books and anything with "education" in the title, and will enjoy reading for fun!

9. Having the time to enjoy the summer! :)


1 comment:

  1. Whole foods offers cooking classes? Cool!